“Be a human being first, then a physician.”(Voltaire)

Professional competence and the application of state-of-the-art medical treatment methods are the prerequisite for good surgery.

Excellent surgical practice, however, is even more than that, taking all aspects of the affected person into account. It’s not just about using a scalpel, it needs empathy. Therefore, the focus of my treatment is never on the disease alone, but on the person as an individual and the unity of the body, mind, emotions and intellect. I respect this individuality throughout your entire treatment, right from the very first appointment. By doing so, a trusting relationship between patient and doctor can develop.

“I really benefited from talking to you.”

I often hear these or similar words when patients leave my surgery. I invite you to talk about your fears or doubts too. I am always ready to listen and take my time to answer your questions and explain complex diagnoses and treatment plans comprehensively and in an understandable way.


Competent. Human. Communicative. Individually. Personally, for your assistance.

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