“You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart
until it is burning within your own.”
(Aurelius Augustinus)

1993 Graduation (MD) from the University of Vienna

2000 Consultant surgeon

ab 2005 Senior surgeon at the University Clinic, Department of Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna

2006 Post-doctoral qualification (Habilitation) in surgery, senior lecturer

ab 2007 Doctor of your choice in private practice

ab 2010 Consultant surgical specialist for diseases of the pancreas and biliary tract at the Department of Surgery,
Medical University at Vienna General Hospital (AKH)

Additional Qualifications

2007-2009 Master’s course in Health Economics at Danube University Krems

2010 Additional field of study “visceral surgery” of the Austrian Medical Chamber

2010-2012 Master’s course in Medical Education at the University of Heidelberg
Active diploma in continuing medical education from the Austrian Medical Chamber

Awards / Fellowships

2002-2004 Erwin Schrödinger fellowship of the FWF (Austrian Science Fund),
research at the University of Edinburgh, Royal Infirmary

2007 Theodor Billroth Prize of the Austrian Surgical Association


Competent. Human. Communicative. Individually. Personally, for your assistance.

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